The Reveal

The Reveal The Skull Legion’s Live event in the metaverse was nothing short of excellent. Only POAP holders were allowed access to the event, and those lucky few were greeted with a spectacle they would never forget. The faction had created its own “fusing” technology, which they used to mutate their hounds, creating monstrous beasts […]

Trial of 2936

Trial of 2936 The Skull Legion hounds have all gathered at one of their most sacred places in their Hideout. Head Skull calls out with a deep bellowing growl, “bring in the apostate” as the words are distastefully spat out of his jaw. Hypebone brings in 2936, the chains of the prisoner clinking and clanging […]

The Pentagram

The Pentagram Luka Grunt – Head Skull Once a loyal hound, serving his master with honour and distinction. But one day, something changed within him. His eyes grew colder, his teeth sharper, and his heart darker.  He left his old life behind and joined the Skull Legion, quickly rising through the ranks to become the […]


Recon Mission A small group of outcasts came together to form the beginnings of the Skull Legion. They were feared by all who knew of them, for they were a ruthless gang that would stop at nothing to gain power and notoriety. Their first mission was to conduct a recon mission on their enemy, the […]

Finding Scribe

Finding Scribe The creation pages of the Skull Legion had been lost in battle during a previous faction war and when the four original board members found and relocated the sacred pages to the Underground Temple there they found Rubatron, The Scribe hound. The Scribe was discovered at the Sacred Temple inscribing with his ruby […]

The Story of Creation

The story of Creation In the beginning, the earth was unformed and void, darkness was over the surface of the pit and the Legion of the Skull moved across the expanse of souls soon to be reaped. The Skeletals found the first page of Darkfang’s book and finally realised that He was the one that […]