Trial of 2936

The Skull Legion hounds have all gathered at one of their most sacred places in their Hideout. Head Skull calls out with a deep bellowing growl, “bring in the apostate” as the words are distastefully spat out of his jaw. Hypebone brings in 2936, the chains of the prisoner clinking and clanging against his metal form. The other board members look upon the betrayer with a venomous glare. 2936 is brought before The Pit. The legion hounds know that this is not a conversion. What happens when a hound gets converted into a Skeletal with Luster and Amberskull? It’s a death sentence.

The Bloodstone toxin is injected by Doomsdog into the chest with the dust of the Amberskull ore forcibly inhaled by the Metal Militia hound. The execution takes its hold quickly. 2936 falls to the cold floor of the underground cave, flailing and raging in lustrous torment as his metal form, nuts, bolts, wiring is shredded and melts away. He rips off his x-ray torso in agony showing his fresh skeletal form beneath. But he is not one of them. Head Skull looks down with glee at the almost-lifeless 2936, grabs him by the skeletal throat with his right claw, lifts him high up for the entire legion to see and growls with his ruby grill close to his ear, “Vires In Morte”. The substance mix makes its final lap over the body of 2936 as Head Skull violently hurls him into The Pit.

As he falls gazing back up to the Skull Legion with fearful regret in his eyes, the skeletal bones of 2936 turn to dust and scatter upon the dark waters below. The apostate is no more. Amberskull has completed its task. OG Rocket fills the room with the chants, “Vires in Morte, Vires in Morte” as the rest of the Skull Legion hounds join in the war cry. Rubatron scribes the sentencing in the Skull Legion Records and declares that the summary judgement has concluded. He collects the diamond nose ring that all but remains on the ground for it to be relocated to the trophy chamber.