Recon Mission

A small group of outcasts came together to form the beginnings of the Skull Legion.

They were feared by all who knew of them, for they were a ruthless gang that would stop at nothing to gain power and notoriety.

Their first mission was to conduct a recon mission on their enemy, the Royals, a wealthy clan that had been encroaching on their territory.

The four skeletals gathered in their hideout, a dimly lit room filled with the stench of sweat and smoke. They plotted their attack, studying maps and planning their routes.

As they set out on their mission, the Legion moved quickly and quietly, slipping past the DMT guards unnoticed…their disgusting eyeballs covering them twitching and looking everywhere at everything independently. They easily infiltrated the Royals’ lair, moving like shadows through the darkened halls.

It was a very easy mission, and the Skull Legion could hardly believe their luck. They found a treasure trove of gold and diamonds, which they stole without a second thought. But underneath the shiny bounty, Hypebone recognised a much subtler, older wealth…he saw the edge of a scroll with markings he had not seen since first out of The Pit. He used his claws and teeth to dig deeper and there lying hidden underneath the jewels and gold, The Creation Pages of The Skull Legion.

It was well known by the Legion that the original Creation Pages had been lost during a faction war long ago. But it was not known that the pages had landed in the paws of the Royals. They had stolen our sacred pages and it was time to take them back.

The consecrated pages and the sacrilegious act by the Royals not only seeing Darkfang’s words but touching and stealing the pages with their filthy paws was absolute heresy. The treachery would never be forgiven by Skull Legion. Never. And that is the reason Skull Legion despises the Royals and will stop at nothing to exert revenge and bring them all to their bones.

The four Skeletals revelled in their victory as they made their way back to their hideout. The raid was so successful as bringing the sacred pages back to the lair was a triumphant moment for the faction.

Head Skull however knew that in order to protect the holy passages permanently, they would need to be returned to the Skull Legion’s Temple.