Finding Scribe

The creation pages of the Skull Legion had been lost in battle during a previous faction war and when the four original board members found and relocated the sacred pages to the Underground Temple there they found Rubatron, The Scribe hound. The Scribe was discovered at the Sacred Temple inscribing with his ruby fang in a trance-like state new orders from Darkfang.

It is now known that The Scribe wrote the Skull Legion’s Holy Tenet and the Creation pages that Darkfang had dictated to him aeons ago. When the four board members returned to the Temple with the pages, Rubatron was finally able to put the Holy Book back together and he was initiated as a new member of the board.

As we know, Caleb had cryptographically encrypted the final pages to prevent the important and sacred contents from falling into enemy claws. Now back safely with Skull Legion, Karnevore was able to decode some of the deeper secrets in the final passages that had been written by Scribe from Dangfang’s dictations.

One such secret is contained in the unlocked paragraph, “In the unmarked graves of the fallen souls by the jaws of the Skull Reapers, there will only ever be blood, bone, marrow and skull”. Upon decoding the final passages of the Holy Skull Bible the Skeletals discovered that this wording related to using a resource known as green bloodstone which had the power to transform any hound into a Skeletal. The stone was also known by another more modern name…Luster. 

How it can be located and utilised for a Skeletal conversion process is still being researched by The Pentagram.