The story of Creation

In the beginning, the earth was unformed and void, darkness was over the surface of the pit and the Legion of the Skull moved across the expanse of souls soon to be reaped. The Skeletals found the first page of Darkfang’s book and finally realised that He was the one that wrote their story of Creation.

The first of the Skull Legion was reborn after Caleb – wracked with grief and desperation – buried one of his most beloved recently deceased hounds in a mushroom death suit with mushroom spores and highly enhanced serum given to him by Darkfang.

The mutated mushrooms reanimated the hounds as they consumed its corpse but turned the hound darkly feral and prone to devious violence – a blackhearted personality very similar to Darkfang’s.

And then came death, the Age of the Reaper was born.

The bond between Darkfang’s & the First Reaper grew stronger as our new patriarch shows us the true power of the serum and Mutant sacrifice.

The second page of Darkfang’s book was unearthed and they understood…

It is believed that Darkfang had enhanced the serum with the marrow extracted from a Mega mutant to create an army of hounds whose strength is forged in the bones and DNA of those in the Pit who have fallen.

Caleb’s undead hound was soon frequently seen together with Darkfang and became Darkfang’s personally trained hunting dog, which he renamed Reaper. Darkfang has been referred to by some as the Grim Reaper for being a deeply unsettling figure in a hooded cloak and he was more than happy to share this name with his new favourite pet.

The final page of the Grim Reaper’s Bible was cryptographically encoded by Caleb to protect the sacred order of the Skull Legion. so that it should never fall into the claws of the enemy. to reveal the holy passage meant using dark magic the Skeletals attained from Darkfang.

Much cannot be made public under the religious bond of the faction. But what can be shared is the final paragraph of the tenet…

“In the unmarked graves of the fallen souls by the jaws of the Skull Reaper, there will only ever be blood, bone, marrow and skull.”

Darkfang started training Reaper in the black arts. The hound eventually grew to mature past hungering for nourishment from the bone marrow of its many preys towards developing an ability to consume entire souls, making the Reaper namesake even more fitting. Reaper also started to become more aware and unpredictable.

As the Skull Legion rises in number, Reaper is no longer just the name of the first skeletal hound, but also the name of the most elite class of Skulls who have been successfully trained to feed on the souls and grow more powerful with each kill. Each one exhibits unique whims and appetites for destruction.

We relocated our sacred pages of creation to an underground temple for all the Legion to see.

The foundation stone of the Skull Legion is the Sacred Lair, our burial site where all Skeletals resurrected from after the Pit. We are known by many other factions as the Fifth Column. So respectfully we enlighten you with the origin pages from our Holy Book.