The reaper stands vigilantly over the pages of creation, his bony fingers clutched tightly around his scythe, ready to strike down anyone who dares approach with a bone-chilling cackle that echoes through the darkness.

Darkfang is our KING!

Beware, for our allegiance lies with the one and only DARKFANG, the ruler of the underworld. His eyes burn with sinister fire, and his power radiates malevolent energy that strikes fear into even the bravest of hounds. From the depths of his dark domain, he commands our Legion. None can stand against his wrath, and those foolish enough to cross his path will be dragged down into the eternal abyss, never to see the light of day again.

Bow down to DARKFANG, or suffer the consequences of our wrath.

The Skull Board

Introducing the Pentagram of the Skull Legion, for their power will consume you and their darkness will reign forevermore.

“As the Skull Legion rises in number, Reaper is no longer just the name of the first Skeletal hound, but the name of the most elite class of Skulls”