The Pentagram

Luka Grunt - Head Skull

Once a loyal hound, serving his master with honour and distinction. But one day, something changed within him. His eyes grew colder, his teeth sharper, and his heart darker. 

He left his old life behind and joined the Skull Legion, quickly rising through the ranks to become the Red General. His cruelty knew no bounds, and he took pleasure in causing pain and suffering to anyone who stood in his way. 

Rumours spread that Darkfang did unique experiments on him, giving him unnatural strength and abilities. But whether it was his new powers or his twisted mind that made him the evilest of them all, no one dared to challenge him. And so, he continued to lead the Skull Legion, spreading fear and destruction wherever he went.

karnevore - Doomsdog

The Reaper that wins wars with whispers. 

The notorious hound now known as Doomsdog was trained by a renowned but radical neuroscientist on how to understand languages across species and had his communication skills with all other dogs greatly enhanced with a brain-computer interface. 

During Doomsdog’s conversion into a member of the Skull Legion, Darkfang decided to use black magic to fuse the implanted electronic circuitry in his brain into his entire skeletal system, turning the color of the bones into an imposing black shade. He can now communicate telepathically through his glowing skull nose.

As a tribute to all the talkative tricks that he learned from the neuroscientist to achieve his evil ends, he is constantly seen wearing a broken pair of his former owner’s glasses.

Willb - Hypebone

Born in the pit but shaped in the shadows. 
Relaxed by nature, nothing fazes this hound. Hunting, eating or hyping, it’s all in a day’s work for Hypebone. He’s been in the struggle, deep in the pit and the legion lair all his life, he knows no riches but wants for nothing also. Wealth is merely an illusion to him. 

To pass his days Hypebone creates his own sport. Sneaking into enemy lairs and confronting the most brash of hounds, sharp-witted words are exchanged until the hounds can’t take anymore and follow Hypebone into the shadows for a death match. Unfortunately for them Hypebone never misses a target and soon devours his adversaries and leaves with his trademark steak in his mouth. 

Word soon spreads of this hound whose wit and mouth are faster than his paws and bite.

Believe this: this hound is fully worthy of the hype and he is proud to be made of bone. 

Erenn - OG Rocket

Erenn: OG Rocket

OG Rocket’s origin story began in the realm of the living, where he was once a loyal hunting dog to a powerful nobleman. But when the nobleman died, his body was desecrated by Reaper’s dark magic, and the loyal hound was resurrected as a skeletal beast under the Reaper’s control. 

At first, OG Rocket resisted his new form and tried to break free of Reaper’s control. 
But the magic was too strong, and soon the hound was forced to submit to his new master’s will. Under Reaper’s leadership, OG Rocket became one of the most fearsome members of the Skull Legion. His keen senses and relentless pursuit made him a deadly tracker, and his sharp teeth and claws could tear through even the strongest armour. Despite his fearsome reputation, there were whispers among the legion that OG Rocket still retained some of his former loyalty and humanity. 

Some even claimed to see a hint of sadness in his glowing eyes, as if he longed for his former life. But whatever his true feelings may be, one thing was certain – OG Rocket was a powerful weapon in Reaper’s arsenal, and his loyalty is unwavering.

Dr Dave Coin - Rubatron

Created in the deepest depths of the Pit. A newly born skeletal with a form that was inexplicably different from the rest of the pack. Darkfang could see this, he approached him and gave him a choice, to serve by his side or to serve beneath him with the rest of the hounds. Rubatron could see this was his fate and upon his acknowledgement, Darkfang outstretched his claw, and grabbed the ruby stud & growling an ancient verse the ruby stud parasitically grew. 

Flailing and howling, the hound’s fang from root to point was taken over by the dark magic and crystallised into the ruby fang forever. And with that Darkfang decreed to Rubatron, “You are now my Scribe”.

Over the centuries Rubatron used his ruby fang in a trance-like state to scribe the pages of the Holy Tenet dictated by Darkfang himself. The Scribe is both a loyalist in creed and a quartermaster to the Skull Legion soldiers during the faction wars. Never to be underestimated as betraying him or his brethren will command a visit from the Reapers.